Australia 's Age Of Criminal Responsibility Essay

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Every county has a different ideology on what is a suitable age of criminal responsibility. As stated in the (Hodgson, 2000) that article 40 of the convention on the rights of the child (CROC), states that countries should establish a minimum age level. Children have been presumed lack the mental capacity to infringe the criminal law. This essay will argue that Australia needs to increase the age of criminal responsibility to 12. Reasons include the cognitive development and lack of creating men rea and the impact it has on their future. Each county has their own reasons and ideas of when a child should be criminally charged, and the appropriateness of the age.
Body 1 comparing countries
The age of criminal responsibility ranges from the age of 6 to 18 in different countries around the world. Australia’s age of criminal responsibility is lower than most countries in the world. Australia’s age to be criminally responsible is 10, Scotland is lower and is set at 8 years of age, England is also 10 years if age, France is 13 years of age Italy id 14 years of age and Belgium being one of the highest at 16 years of age. Australia is rated below the average of criminal responsibility has stated in ido weijer and Thomas grissco. Australia along with other countries are also below the international accepted age of 12 for criminal responsibility which is stated in the Convention on the Right of the Child (CROC). In Australia it is stated in our Commonwealth Criminal Code s7.1,…

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