Australia 's A New Welfare Scheme For The Aboriginal People Essay example

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From the first English arrivals in Australia, the Aboriginal people have lived in the shadow in their own country, with many issues that have not been resolved yet. Noel Pearson is one of the country´s most respected Aboriginal leaders and impressive intellects and powerful orators in Australia. He is a popular defender for Aboriginal rights, especially Aboriginal land. He has changed the approach to welfare, child abuse, child protection, education and economic development. In 2007, together with the Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough, he launched a new welfare scheme for the Aboriginal people at Hope Vale. This scheme offers funds to help the Aboriginal community for home improvements, and low interest loans for home ownership (Cape York Partnership, 2016). He is a controversial figure, as in November 2007 he confronted the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, because 2 days before to the election, Rudd said that he was “unlikely to pursue Mr Howards´s plan for a reconciliation preamble”.
Pearson was born on 25 June 1965 in Cooktown, North Queensland. He is descent of the Bagaarrmugu clan on his father’s side and Guggu Yalanji clan on his mother’s side. He holds a History and Law degree at Sydney University. His thesis has been published in “Maps Dreams History”, by the History Department of the University of Sydney (Griffith University, 2016). Pearson has been an activist from his young days, defending everything related to Aboriginal topics. He has written some important…

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