Essay on Australia As A Post Racial Society

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Indigenous Australians are significantly disadvantaged in modern Australian society. It exists because white Australian public believe that Australia is a post-racial society and claim to be anti-discrimination while ignoring increased incarceration rates, deaths in custody, and lasting effects from political wrongs committed against indigenous Australians. The sociological imagination is a concept used to see how situations in society occur and play out based on how people differ in terms of their social circumstances (Giddens & Sutton, 2010). Used to ‘think ourselves away’, this concept is a way to distance oneself from subjective influences and see symbolic values in frequently occurring events such as unequal positions between two groups within a society (Giddens & Sutton, 2010). In Private Troubles, Public Issue, C, Wright Mills outlines two categories in which problems that occur within a society can be grouped together. As the title suggests, ‘troubles’ occur within an individual, affecting those closest to them, while ‘issues’ are “matters that transcend” those personal ties (CW., Mills, 2010). Indigenous disadvantage falls under this term of ‘issue’. It exists because contemporary Australian Society refuses to acknowledge its existence and effect on their society, creating social dysfunction and, in turn, the social exclusion between white Australia and indigenous Australians.
This essay will discuss how the previous wrongs committed against indigenous Australians…

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