Augustine Of Hippo 's Confession Best Essay examples

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Augustine of Hippo’s confession best describes religion in my point of view and my aspect of what is religion. Oddly enough his religion is not the same religion that I have an affiliation. I currently attend a Pentecostal Church, however, his words stood out as Christian in form and mindset. Man is indeed one of God’s creatures formed in his own image and many humans do have a natural urge to praise something or someone of a higher calling. People who have not yet found God have a surprisingly odd form of emptiness that can’t be filled, until they stumble upon God’s presence. Upon receiving Christ for the first time, a new Christian generally has a deep desire to praise God and seek forgiveness and until they have, they don’t have a feeling of fulfilment or contentment. When God formed the earth he placed a man and a woman to have dominion over the earth and to praise him. Man was made to praise God with their words and their actions. Until a man or woman comes to know God personally and have a personal relationship with Christ, they find no rest because of their sinful ways. Augustine’s Confessions were catholic based, but have many similar aspects of the Pentecostal religion. According to our Pentecostal church and my years in the faith, Jesus Christ is the only way to enter into the kingdom of heaven and without accepting him and turning away from your sinful ways you will never know the heavens, but will endure an eternity of flaming fire in hell. We are taught that…

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