Essay On Misophonia

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Also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome or in another name Misophonia. What is misophonia? It is a chronic condition that literally means “hatred of sounds” or in another form to describe it is decreased sound tolerance. First known as selective sound syndrome in 1997, by audiologist Marsha Johnson, later changed to Misophonia in 2001, by Jastreboff. Still fairly new in the medical field not much research has been done, but very well aware known that there is a need for more. This condition can last a few years or a lifespan. Can react as negative emotions or trigger fight or flight responses, depending on how they react at the time. Affecting mostly women than men, still not estimated on an exact number of how many people actually have this, but a number recently recorded at 200,000 a year.
Typically begins in preteens from the ages of 9 through 13. Not related to a significant event or trauma. Doctors are not sure what causes it. But they think it is related in part mental and physical, believed to be relevant to how the nervous system works and also thought to be applicable to hearing pathways of the central nervous system. This condition is still up in the air because they don’t know where to recognize it as or what to categorize it with. It has potential of moving it
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Some of the mild reactions are anxious, uncomfortable, urge to flee, and disgust. Full rage symptoms include anger, hatred, panic, fear, emotional distress, and desire to stop the sound. An interesting finding is that he people closest to the person with the condition are often the ones that receive the worst triggers, making it difficult to be next to them and possibly affecting their

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