Attitudes Towards Former Friendships By Rutgers University Essay

714 Words Nov 6th, 2016 3 Pages
The study in which I choose, was Attitudes Towards Former Friendships by Rutgers University. The purpose of this study was to get insight on why do friendships end or people drift apart after a duration of time. During the study, I was asked questions that were geared to how my friendship ended. The researcher wanted me to explain in details without using names when did my friendship get to a point, in which I knew it was coming to an end. It also asks, before I made the discussion to end my friendship, were there any type of communication made to better the relationship or help the relationship stay together. Then the study asks, after the end of the friendship, did I feel as I made the right choice and what would I change about. The study wanted to see if outside factors played a role in the ending of my friendship as well so it gave examples of friends moving, family members dying, or their parents divorcing as reason to why friendships would change over time. At the end of the study, it said thank you for my time and that my results have been recorded. Before the study, in the consent portion it mentioned that if I was interested in the results I would have to contact the guy over the study and he would tell me the findings of the study. The consent form was very clear that the study main focus was to find out why friendships end. They wanted to know the cause of friendships ending and the degree in which they ended. The form did tell participants that there was no…

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