Atticus Finch : Comparing And Contrasting Two Novels Essay

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Atticus Finch: Comparing and Contrasting Two Novels Atticus Finch, a model citizen in the minds of anyone who has read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus portrays the concept and notion of unbiased justice for all. However, Go Set a Watchman radically changes this view. Instead, Atticus is portrayed as an everyday Southern white man. His true beliefs and opinions come to light and are viewed as what they are, controversial. Many people saw Atticus Finch as an advocate for equal rights and justice for all in To Kill A Mockingbird; in contrast, readers can see that the Atticus in Go Set a Watchman has appeared to renounce everything that the reader believed to be him. Atticus Finch is what many people in today’s society view as the ideal man. He represents unbiased justice, in other words he represents justice for everyone, no matter race, religion, gender, or beliefs. However, with the publishing of Go Set a Watchman the character of Atticus is called into question. Atticus is now a symbol of the cancer that is prejudice. Atticus is quoted in Go Set a Watchman as saying “The population is almost three-fourths Negro. The voting population is almost half-and-half now, because of that big Normal School over there. If the scales were tipped over, what would you have? The county won’t keep a full board of registrars, because if the Negro vote edged out the white you’d have Negroes in every county office –“ (Go Set a Watchman, p. 243). This illustrates that…

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