Essay on Attention Getter : We All Have Best Friends

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Attention Getter: We all have best friends. For a long time, I had an odd best friend that lived in my head. My best friend was some twisted little thing, telling me awful ways to deal with things. My best friend was my eating disorder. Eating Disorders are, any of several psychological disorders characterized by serious disturbances of eating behavior according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.
Purpose: See, today I am in here because I need, not want, but need to talk about eating disorders. They are horribly misunderstood illnesses which up to 10 million Americans suffer from.
Preview: First, we will discuss the problems of eating disorders, then second, explore and identify the causes, then lastly, look towards some solutions and treatment of eating disorders

a. So what are the problems of having an eating disorder? Well let me illustrate it with a story. My story. Now every person with an eating disorder has their own unique experience with the disease, so here is mine. My first real memory of any behavior related to eating disorder starts with me starving myself. I was obsessively telling myself that I did not deserve food. I did not deserve to eat, I was such a burden. I did not deserve to be alive. So I began to starve myself. I mean that was obviously the rational thing to do. And I distinctly remember weighing myself and seeing that I lost weight and dang did I feel accomplished and in control. My “best friend” was there for me, helping me ignore the pain…

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