Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Essay

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Millions of people around the world suffer from attention deficit. Some of those people, however, seem to be a lot less attentive than others. Recently, a growing debate has arised over whether or not serious hyperactivity and attention deficiency in people, specially young children, can be classified as a medical disorder. People who believe that this is a disorder use the description of the way patients are diagnosed and later treated as support for their stance on the topic. Meanwhile others argue that the way people are diagnosed is not good enough and that several problems arise from the treatment. Because our brain controls our attention and actions, there is a connection between this issue and our minds. Psychologists study the brain, so attention-deficit hyperactivity is relevant to psychology. After having read two articles on this …show more content…
The two main parts of the article were symptoms/diagnosis and treatment. It was good for the author of the article to talk about those parts because they are some of the most debated aspects of the “disorder”. The diagnosis stage is often criticized for being simple. Therefore, the author of this article emphasized the idea that the diagnosis stage is very complex and thorough. The author mentioned that there are specialists, diagnostic criterias, and interviews. It was also evident that the author favored the treatment options for attention-deficit hyperactivity. The article described stimulant drugs and mentioned positive effects as well as different efficient types of therapies. By proving that there is a long process used to diagnose the disorder and that there are real treatment options, the National Institute of Mental Health was able to back up its support for calling attention-deficit hyperactivity a

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