Atlantic Slave Trade : Impacts On The New World Colonies Essay

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Atlantic Slave Trade: Impacts on the New World Colonies
Cemented in the early history of the Americas is the brutal reality of the Atlantic Slave Trade, which was first established in Portugal in the fifteenth century, before diffusing into the lifestyle of the nineteenth century United States. The forced migration of ten to eleven million predominately African slaves across the Atlantic to the Americas is marked as one of the largest movements across world history. Without a doubt, the slave trade brings to mind the haunting hardships of the enslaved as they were barbarically thrust out of their homelands in order to be stripped of their human rights and independence all in the cause for cheap labor. However, the slave trade continued to have consequences far worse than the suffering of the enslaved; the large migration of foreign individuals indirectly contributed to detrimental consequences, such as the spread of disease in the New World. Thus, the Atlantic Slave Trade was a dark stain on human history that brought along with it, negative repercussions in the form of social, political, and economic crisis on the New World colonies.
The arrival of the Europeans on the African coast would mark the beginning of a long history of exploitation for the slaves, but also the rise of the social after-effects that the slave trade would impose on the developing American colonies. During the year of 1619, the first Africans arrived in Virginia and not only until the seventeenth…

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