Battle Atlanta Battle

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Here is one of the downtown neighborhoods that had been destroyed by the union forces, during the battle of Atlanta. With Atlanta under Union control, well what was left after the destruction the Union forces conducted, Sherman had his eyes set on the capitol of Georgia, Milledgeville. Sherman lead his troops out of Atlanta southeast, he had already destroyed their infrastructure next was to destroy the capital. Sherman’s forces met strong resistance outside of Milledgeville in the town of Griswoldsville, Sherman’s 1,500 troops got rushed by 2,000 Confederate forces, eventually the remaining live Confederate forces left the battlefield to the Union forces leaving the path open for the assault on the Capitol. On the march to the Capitol …show more content…
The taking of Savannah was close to being total destruction on both sides, the Confederate forces due to actual war, and the Union side for the starvation they were undergoing from lack of food through the swamplands. Union forces plundered along the way from the capitol to the outlying areas of Savannah, safe from gunfire, with just enough distance to be able to know war was imminent between the two. The forces took what they needed, on the outside of the capitol they had plenty of food due to the nature of the farmlands, they ate well carried what they could in their rucksacks and destroyed the rest. Sherman had plans to make the Confederate soldiers choose between their families and the Army they fought with, Sherman claimed “I can make the march, and make Georgia howl” and that he did, even before entering Savannah. Sherman lead his troops into battle, Confederate forces knew it would be a bloody battle and started destroying facilities before the Union forces even entered the city, was this part of Sherman’s plan? No the plan was for the Union forces to destroy the facilities. Was the ultimate plan of weakening the Confederate’s will to fight actually gaining and forcing them to destroy items that could help the Union forces, seems that Sherman had been working the nerves and winning the battle. On Dec 21st the last Confederate forces lead by Hardee escaped leaving Savannah under full control of the Union forces, Sherman commented to President Lincoln, “I beg to present you, as a Christmas gift, the City of Savannah.” With the south split and Confederate forces trying to understand that the fall of the south was close if not inevitable, Sherman discussed with Grant on his next plan of

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