Essay on Athens V Sparta

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Athens vs. Sparta
The Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta were similar in that they both denied women basic rights, but they are more different because of their culture and political structures. In both city-states, their social structures featured women as minorities. However, their customs and concepts differ tremendously. Generally, Sparta had a very strict military-based state, while Athens focused on the fine arts. Politically, the two city states differed in that Athens had a democracy and Sparta had an oligarchy. Although the city-states had some similarities, they had vast differences.
Athens and Sparta were similar when it came to their social structures. Women’s rights and responsibilities were one of the few areas in
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All of the men in the council were at least sixty years of age or older. Sparta also had an assembly. It consisted of men that were thirty and older. There were five chief officials in Sparta that determined the final decisions made for the city-state. However, the government of Athens was very different. Athens had a democracy. This meant that the government was ruled by the people. They also had an assembly, but theirs consisted of free men that were eighteen years or older. In the democracy, all citizens could vote. Women were not included in the voting process. Athens had a council of five hundred men. These men proposed all of the laws. The democratic government in Athens provided more freedom for its citizens but did not provide the safety that the Spartan government had. It is important to understand that Sparta had an oligarchy because they valued experience over everyone ruling. This is important to understand because Sparta would eventually conquer Athens. Although Athens and Sparta were similar in their social customs, they were very different in the ways that their governments were set up.

Athens and Sparta also differed when it came to their cultures. Generally, Sparta was a very strict city-state that focused almost all of its energy on building a strong military. Sparta rejected all outward displays of money and wealth. Spartans also did not spend any money on decorating their city. All boys, at the age of

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