Athens Vs. Sparta Essay

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Athens vs. Sparta Athens and Sparta were both city-states inside Greece. Although, they were very close to each other in location they were very different in many other ways. In this essay we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between the two city-states from their beginnings to their politics, culture, social gatherings, geography, and finally what brought each city-state to and end.
When the city-state of Athens was started the citizens put large emphasis on the arts that included science, history, philosophy, architecture, and literature becoming a state of intellectuals. Sparta on the other had started their city-state to become a military state where young boys started their training at the age of seven. They were made to be tough through their strict training. Soldiers were forced to always wear their military uniform, eat bland food, walk barefoot to harden their feet, and live away from their families until they were 30 and serve in the military until they were 60.
Athens and Sparta were both Greek city-states but that is where the similarities stopped. Athens was ruled by the people through what we know as a democracy. Nine presidents were elected by lots. The only role of the presidents was to lead and assembly to vote. Assemblies were held up to one time a month in an area that would hold around 6,000 male citizens. The citizens would gather and any citizen could speak. Votes were counted by rising of the hand. Votes would then be counted by…

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