Astronomy Essay

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Introduction Humanity has searched for life in our solar system and outside of it for years. Speculation supporting and against the probability of life on other planets has been a subject of debate in the scientific word and beyond. The probability of life mathematically is extremely low even when all the elements of life are present. Stages of evolution and development needed to create life take time. This time that it takes to develop is difficult to come by in the Universe according to some scientist. To understand what it takes to produce life scientist look to life as it evolved on Earth for an example on how this occurs.
Properties of Life on Earth Life refers to any living system that can maintain homeostasis, grow or have
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Mars has a series of canals on its surface. This could be an indication that water was once on the planet or maybe still is deeper down. In fact, recent trips to Mars indicate ancient water flows and that ice is probable. The planet Mars also changes in color similar to the way Earth’s foliage changes during the seasons. Water from the ice caps is thought to flow and melt at times but this has not been proven. Europa is also promising.
Europa is a moon of Jupiter and has polar ice caps. Under the polar ice caps there appears to be a liquid ocean. The tidal forces of Jupiter are thought to keep the water from freezing. The Jovian moon of Jupiter has organic chemicals. These chemicals along with water and an oxygen atmosphere could possible harbor life. Scientist has discovered microbes living beneath Antarctica’s ice. This finding supported the idea that life could be on Europa (Olgethorpe, 2013).
Types of Stars with Life Bearing Planets Types of stars that could have life bearing planets would need to be main sequence stars similar to our sun. Stars that are too large burn too quickly and this does not give life time enough to form. This means that just because a planet may be in a favorable orbit around a star the temperature and life of the star is also important. The search for stars that would be suitable for life would be for stars to be larger than a red dwarf star as

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