Assimilation Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Assimilation of underserves groups into overall American majority process started by affecting the interaction of several classes based on certain variables. Racial, psychological, cultural and demographic are a few variables that are in the process of assimilation. Over the years, I have discovered that as being an African American people feel that there is a lack of assimilation in the United States, during the years to physical rather than cultural traits. This explanation has been put into place based on the stresses that occur in racial, historical, structural and interactions during life. Race is showing that color affects the choices we make and are strong factors affecting the differential assimilation in society. Social media and psychological variables play an important role in the process of assimilation as well. For example, think of African American and how the black man is viewed as a lazy, dangerous individual. This creates a form of avoidance from other races that is found my images and frequently broadcasts on different levels of media on the black man. I feel that attention should be called to attitudinal factors that have retarded assimilation in specific historical situations, particularly the belief that members of one or another racial or ethnic group are unassimilable. Certain practices of segregation and even genocide have been rationalized on the ground that some groups are unassimilable shocking to read and see, and change has to …show more content…
When it comes to assimilation the person being assimilated must forsake his or her cultural tradition to become part of a different culture. I know that isn’t fair why a person should have to forget where they come from to be a part of a new group. The differences between the minority and the majority are large. This is why I don’t like the melting pot because you are throwing so many races in the pot and the majority because it is the larger number of races will overshadow the other races. I wish that race in contemporary America would be a fusion of all races to a certain extent. Granting a positive, uplifting lifestyle that combines all races into a new diverse racial or ethnic group creating something new. The pluralist perspective gives society mutual respect for everyone’s culture, this level of respect allows minorities to express their culture without suffering prejudice and discrimination. For a person like myself I have to agree with the pluralist perspective because it gives people a true chance at life. Contemporary America makes people believe that they want the world to be one. The impression that everyone is treated fairly, and we all get along but, in fact, there is a scary truth is race is killing people. There is a lack of communication and historical events that are stopping the race in contemporary America from being a beautiful flourishing state of

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