Assignment Five, Needs Assessment Report Essay

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Assignment Five, Needs Assessment Report


The Organization

The organization I have chosen for my training and development project is the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Texas Wesleyan University. Texas Wesleyan University is a small, private college, affiliated with the United Methodist church and is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The institution was founded in 1890 and has a focuses on liberal arts and sciences and professional and career preparation. I currently work in the Undergraduate Admissions Office as an Admissions Processor for almost three years. The Undergraduate Admissions Office recruits freshman and transfer undergrad students all across the state of Texas. The Admission office handles around 3,000 applicants every year. There is one director, two assistant directors, two team leads, two campus visit personnel, five freshman recruiters, five transfer recruiters, and three additional operational staff members.

Description of Assessment Methods
I began my assessment by contacting my supervisor who is the Director of Admissions. After a discussion about the project he suggested my topic be on Talent Acquisition Recruitment and Staffing. During my interview, we identified an outline of the presentation starting with creating a job description, posting a vacancy, screening applicants, how to conduct an interview process, and following up. My supervisor thinks there is a great need to learn more about recruitment and staffing that could benefit…

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