Assessment Information Provided By An Elementary Class Essay

1510 Words Nov 13th, 2016 7 Pages
This analysis focuses on assessment information provided by an elementary class comprised of 20 students. The results for one particular student named Bobby will also be highlighted in order to analyze and discuss his present developmental word study stage and procedures to support his and his peers spelling acquisition. The words spelled correctly, feature points, and the total feature score will be explained along with the rationalization for grouping the students recorded in this classroom composite inventory. Also, a description of the features that each group will begin working on and the activities that will be used to reinforce each student’s orthographic knowledge will be addressed. The data collected is in the form of handwritten responses to the Elementary Spelling Inventory (ESI) (Bear, Invernizzi, Templeton & Johnston, 2012, p.319). A comprehensive analysis of the spelling features utilized by each student established an extensive range of orthographic knowledge within the class. Due to the wide range of orthographic knowledge represented from the assessment data it is essential that instruction between the students is differentiated and systematically targets the significant features necessary for each students’ development to the subsequent stage of their progress. The assessment data comprises spelling inventory responses for each student in the participating class. The feature guide used clearly distinguishes the spelling features that each student…

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