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Task 4:
Aim to sell the products and maximize the profits, Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation (TTFC) has to determine the target market. There are two major types of market including Business- to- Business (B2B) and Business- to- Customer (B2C). The terms B2B and B2C were developed to make a major choice whether they sell to consumers or others businesses that need products or corporate to manufacture or distribute. B2B refers to the potential market being a business and the primary activities are business-to-business sales. In the contrast, the term B2C refers to a business-to-consumer sales situation. | Business to Business (B2B)B2B refers to business model in which trading and exchanging directly between businesses. Transactions
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| B2C seek to the customers’ needs and wants, so that they would like to point out the results and the benefits of the products | Market | B2B focus on very narrow segments that have a use. Companies concentrate major on specific products with large order quantity. | B2C seek to large segments with a variety of products depending on customers’ needs and wants. | According to the information of Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation official website, TTFC is one of the largest wooden furniture manufacturers and wood processing groups in Vietnam with seven subsidiary companies, more than 1,400 employees and a total equity of VND660 billion (US$34 million). Generally, Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation has a big scale of economy. Even though TTFC run business in both business- to- customer (B2C) and business- to- business (B2B) market, our group focuses on analyzing B2B market. In B2B, Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation sells products and services for target customers, which are companies or organization with the large order quantity. The major products are divided into three types: outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and flooring. Outdoor furniture includes tables, chair, lounges, round or square or rectangular parasols, etc. designed with extendable, foldable and adjustable features, suited for all entertaining, commercial and industrial

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