Essay on Artificial Insemination ( Ai )

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Artificial insemination (AI), is a procedure often used in livestock production to facilitate and maximize breeding rates. The first official AI was performed on a bitch in 1784. by an Italian physiologist by the name of Lazzaro Spallanzaniand resulted in the birth of 3 puppies (Ombelet & Van Robays 2015). According to Donoghue & Wishart (2000), in commercial avian species, AI has been a significant reproduction since the 1960’s, namely in commercial turkeys due to increasing size of males, however development on AI began in the 1930’s. In chickens, semen is collected from the rooster and can be mixed with an extender, to be used immediately or stored for future use. Poultry semen, unlike semen of domestic mammalian, is prone to freeze damage, therefore, rather than being cryogenized, rooster semen is refrigerated for up to 24 hours (Donoghue & Wishart 2000).
To achieve fertilization, ovulation and insemination must occur simultaneously, however, the odds of both events synchronizing is slim, which is why the hen possesses reproductive components known as the sperm storage tubules(SST) (Sasanami et al. 2013).The SSTs, located in the oviduct, can store live sperm for up to 3 weeks (Buckland 1970). Given this reproductive characteristic, in this experiment, eggs will be collected for a period of 3 weeks to ensure all possible fertile eggs are examined. According to a study done on Rhode Island Red hens, repeated AI will cause SST degradation, which will…

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