Article Review On Teen Vogue Essay

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Community Perspective Throughout the world adolescents embark on a long, weird, sometimes enjoyable rollercoaster, called puberty. This is the point where the hormones start to rage, boys start the process of becoming men, girls start becoming women, and endless amount of food in consumed with little to no consequences. However, this is also the time where adolescents become more aware of their bodies, and the changes that are happening not just within them but on the outer surface too. When questions arise, they have many outlets to look for answers, their parents, friends, the internet, and the media. Magazines play a huge part in answering adolescents questions whether or not the information is correct or not. So we are going to focus on one article from Teen Vogue that focuses on deciding if the reader is ready to have sex or not. Yet we are also going to compare that article to a section found in the For Strength of Youth which focuses on sexual purity. These two articles appeal to the same age group but have contrasting opinions on the topic of sex.
Teen Vogue The main purpose of this article is to try and help the adolescent know whether or not they are ready to have sex. The author included eight topic points, and turned to experts to provide answers for those topics. According to the article there are countless decisions to be made, “the timing, the location, your mental state, and most importantly: the person you’re planning to do it with.” (Fasanella, 2016).…

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