Essay about Article Review for Human Growth and Development

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Foster, J. D. & Campbell, W. K. (October 2005). Narcissism and resistance to doubts about partners., Journal of Research in Personality, 39 (5), 550-557.
Research has been consistent regarding the interpersonal relationships of narcissists. Several lines of research on dating relationships suggest that narcissism is linked to lower relationship commitment which can cause relationships to function less effectively. Foster’s and Campbell’s research dissects those previous findings and sets a new precedence. Although narcissism is generally associated with lower relationship functioning, Foster and Campbell attempt to prove how narcissism can be beneficial.
The research method used by Foster and Campbell
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These measures were then z-transformed and summed to form the Relationship Dysfunction Index (Foster & Campbell, 2005). Findings/Results: The authors had already hypothesized most of the findings based on the narcissist’s inclination to make judgments about the self based on preexisting positive self-schemas rather than objective observations. When participants were asked how difficult it was to complete the negative and positive commitment tasks, participants on average found it more difficult to complete the negative commitment task. The results concluded that narcissist reported the negative commitment task to be significantly more difficult than the positive commitment task. Conversely, non-narcissists found it more difficult to complete the positive commitment task than it was to complete the negative commitment task. Foster and Campbell (2005) then submitted the Relationship Dysfunction Index to a regression analysis with Narcissism, Condition, and the Narcissism x Condition interaction term as predictors. As expected, a significant interaction emerged. Simple slopes tests revealed that narcissists reported less dysfunction than did non-narcissists following the negative commitment task

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