Article Analysis Article: I Want To Save My Hospital, And Amanda M.

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I. Introduction
A. For this article analysis project, I had the opportunity to compare and contrast two articles conducted by Gengler, Amanda M. (2014) “I want to save my kid” about imbalance, access and strategies at university research hospital, and Nancy Krieger, Ph.D., and Stephen Sidney, MD. (1996) “Racial discrimination and Blood Pressure.” About experiences of racial discrimination and unfair treatment.
B. The article “I want to save my kid” written by Gengler, Amanda M. (2014) Investigates how families accessed and negotiated medical care with low and high cultural health capital. Amanda (2014) Observed families when they discuss and interact with their child medication, and interviewed families about the consequence of examination
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Amanda’s (2014) research question was trying to explore, how the CHC is mobilized throughout the illness and treatment process facilitating swift access to highly specialized physicians and difficult-to-obtain and experimental treatments for families whose children had serious, life-threatening, and often rare conditions. Although her study was directed to answer and inspect the process of how the families negotiated illness and accessed and influenced children’s medical care. Amanda (2014) acknowledges that getting access to high technologically and specialized advanced care was an important variable that impacted the U.S healthcare system produced inequality of care between the different patients. Krieger and Sidney (1996) turned their attention to examining if there was an association between blood pressure and self-reported experience of racial discrimination and response to unfair treatment. Both research articles had a set of question they were exploring even though both article seemed to answer a different question but both articles seemed to have some correlation in their …show more content…
The sample represents different people who experience racial discrimination but does not do anything about their unfair treatment and racial discrimination for the future. Some biases of Krieger and Sidney (1996) article would be that they only give a lot of results on the black men and women, which makes it unfair conclusion. On this research, they collected their samples by collecting survey data. I think this affect the result because participants result can be wrong. Krieger and Sidney (1996) result can represent all propel who experience unfair treatment and racial

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