Arthur Miller 's Use Of Modern Tragedy Essay

1075 Words May 6th, 2016 5 Pages
For centuries, tragedy has been used to make the protagonist relatable to the audience. Despite the hero usually being someone who is high-bred, modern day films and novels still continue to use the aspect of tragedy to reach the conventional man. However, man is imperfect and no matter how noble they are, every man experiences fear. Arthur Miller’s use of modern tragedy allows the common man to be a suitable tragic hero because the simple man combats fear of displacement in their everyday life no matter how noble they are. Man fears displacement in society. Similarly, the fear of losing their role in life creates the relatability between the tragic hero and the audience. Ultimately, man fears displacement in themselves. Nobility does not discriminate the fear of displacement in society that the common man feels. The common man fears losing what they have attained and worked hard for; there is a common fear of losing your position in life: “the underlying struggles that of an individual attempting to gain his ‘rightful’ position in his society” (Miller). Man’s entirety of life is focused on establishing a secure place in society. Losing that security makes a man feel that life is essentially over. This strong fear is relatable between a protagonist and the reader because it is felt by everyone. Tragedy makes the audience pity and fear for the tragic hero. Reading or watching the hero lose everything they have worked for strikes a chord in humanity that allows the reader…

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