Arthur Miller 's The Crucible Essay

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The Many Ways Proctor Could 've Kept His Reputation In Arthur Miller 's The Crucible there are many people accused of witchcraft and are essentially put to death because of these accusations. The reputation of each person in the little town is so crucial it 's almost ridiculous. One of the main characters who really needs to watch their back is John Proctor. He may seem like a guy who just does his own thing, but he actually has a large role in keeping a clean reputation. Reason being, Abigail wants him to want her, she wants his wife to "go away" and she wants to take her place in John 's life. There are many things that John has to watch out for during the play. When beginning to understand the importance of reputation, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. For example, simple actions that one takes may strongly influence their reputation. John Proctor must carefully watch his actions to help keep his reputation clear. Also, it strongly depends on the crowd in which they are worried about their reputation. If the whole town is judging John’s reputation that is a bit larger than say his kids and family. For example, many teenagers struggle with reputation in their schools but adults then face the reputation of the town as well as their workplace. Another aspect is the way in which the subject appears to the public. John is slowly beginning to look like the man in the wrong. Reason being because Abigail is pinning him and his…

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