Art Material And Its Therapeutic Effects Essay

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Art Material and its Therapeutic effects
Clay is a versatile art material. In this paper, “Clay-work” is defined as the overall process and outcome of the process, from handling, manipulating, and modeling clay to the final artwork. Several types of clay are commonly used in art therapy. (1) Clay is natural art material, which consists of organic content. It is reusable even when dry. (2) Air-dry clay hardens and becomes stronger with time. Baking or firing is not needed for air-dry clay, and it can be painted after drying. (3) Model Magic is light and easy to manipulate. It is clean and does not stick to skin or surfaces. It can also be painted after it has dried, and the white colored Model Magic can be pre-tinted with markers. Each has its own characteristic so a therapist may choose the proper medium depending on the population and provides time to explore the clay.
Working with clay in a therapy session develops personal imagery and facilitates coping through diversion. The product of clay-work is three-dimensional and can be appreciated from various viewpoints. Mistakes are easily fixed so that the product may be flawless. Clay-work can bring a wide range of visceral responses promoting a profound personal experience. For children who are clumsy with their hand movement, clay can reduce frustration as it is easy to repair mistakes. The artwork, without evidence of mistakes, can bring a sense of pride and increase self-esteem. Clay-work can promote considerable…

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