Art And Literature During World War I Essay

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Throughout the 1900’s, the developments of the arts were profoundly impacted by the current social, political, and economic affairs of European life. At a time shaped so much by desperation and the loss of faith, artists and writers reflected their innermost emotions and personal struggles through creative outlets. After the devastation of a war, the transition from an optimistic, vibrant life to dismal feelings seemed to essentially shape the progress of European culture. Particularly, in the beginning half of the twentieth century, art and literature were characterized by both a period of disillusionment following the first World War, and the heavy influence of propaganda utilized by totalitarian regimes. After a period of anxiety before and during World War I, the devastation and despair that plagued Europe revolutionized art for years later. Prior to the beginnings of war, the common impressionist and post-impressionist movements aimed to capture fleeting emotions and lights. Paintings were typically uplifting and positive, yet as European conflict culminated into war, art shifted towards movements like expressionism, cubism, and futurism. Post 1914, the purpose of art was to express the realistic moments of life, no matter how harsh or depressing. Specifically in modernist art, the popularity of dadaism reflected the disgust for social and cultural values of the time, as well as the meaningless and existentialism of life. Cubism, another later modernist movement,…

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