Arranged Marriages During The United States Essay

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Arranged Marriages have a lot of negative reaction in western society. In a Culture that mostly marries for love. Marriages quickly turn in to serial monogamy when the loves proves to be short lived and people move on. The rate of two parent households and long married couples continues to fall in the United States. In 1970 the nuclear family accounted for 40.3% of families in the United States. In 2000 that number dropped to 24.1% (Ferraro, P. 230)The typical nuclear family that you think of is shrinking at an alarming rate leaving a lot of alternative family’s in its wake. Even with the statistics of the shattering marriages in the United States we still have an egocentric view that arranged marriages are horrible, a thing of the past and should be done away with. While arranged marriages have a much lower divorce rate creating stable family’s for the next generation.

With that being said there is still times when arranged marriages are forced and violate rights of woman. This small amount of arrange marriages is where the taboo and bad views come form in American Culture. Seeing arranged marriages from you own ethnocentrism point of view leads to the negative view and attitude found when you hear of arranged marriages. To understand arranged marriages you have to put aside you view and look at it from another cultures view. Just because it s wrong for you don 't mean it is wrong for someone else.

Our textbook gives the definition of arranged marriage as “A marriage…

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