Arnold Friend Reflection

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Reader Reflection Two
In this story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oats a character name Connie is a self-absorbed 15-year-old blonde haired girl with her hormones going wild. She does not see eye to eye with her mother. Connie loves to go to the movies and to the drive-through to flirt with older men. Connie decides to ditch her friends to talk with the boy she likes. When she leaves to go to his car another man, which we find out later his name is Arnold Friend, stares at her and then tells her ‘“Gonna get you, baby”’(723). The next morning Connie doesn't want to go to the barbecue with her older sister that lives at home and is the golden child. While her parents and her older sister are gone. Arnold Friend shows up with his buddy in a gold
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She lacks willpower to say no and go away. Arnold Friend is an older gentleman that is a pervert who likes younger women and the code he tells her is probably her measurements. Arnold Friend is a sick individual that lacks manners and human compassion. Arnold Friend is a lot like a lion stalking his prey and getting ready to pounce; the prey being Connie. This story does not go into much detail what happens later, but by Connie accepting that this is a new and exciting world she is doing everything that her mother scorns her for. Connie's mother in this case does know best because Connie's mother was once beautiful like Connie. It is not right that Connie's mother tries to live through Connie and her sister. Most 15-year-old girls often think about boys. For example, look at all the teenybopper magazines out there on the shelves. Another example, is Justin Bieber and how many girls fantasize about him. This is no different than how Connie imagines all the boys molding into one person. Connie should have had more resilience to the charms of Arnold Friend. She should have called the cops and had him

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