Essay on Aristotle 's Work Toward Principle Of Non Contradiction

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Although Aristotle is well known for the work he has accomplished, his work toward The Principle of Non-contradiction is not correct, and could be proven wrong in many different ways. Aristotle states that the human race would not be able to comprehend studies, such as Science, Mathematics, etcetera if it wasn’t for The Principle of Non-contradiction, and that can be proven wrong. And hopefully after when all is done, it’ll be proven that Aristotle is wrong.
In Aristotle 's early life (Age 17) he attended Plato’s Academy, where he then continued his education until he was 37. When he finally left Plato’s Academy, Aristotle ended up tutoring Alexander The Great after he was requested to do so by Philip of Macedon. Aristotle later on used his writing skills and knowledge to write his own books and to put his own thought on different principles and theories. Aristotle later on started his own school, which was located in Athens called the Lyceum. Whilst teaching, Aristotle’s students got the nickname Peripatetics for when Aristotle made them walk around the school during his teachings; which means “people who travel about”. Students who attended the Lyceum learned/researched about Science, Math, Philosophy, Politics, and so many other things. Art was also an important study that was taught at the Lyceum. Aristotle’s students wrote up most of the school 's written materials, which was later on credited to be one of the first great libraries. Sadly in the same year that he…

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