Aristotle 's Views On Nature Essay

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One of Aristotle’s essential views on Nature is his idea of the four major “causes.” These four is causes are material cause, formal cause, the moving cause, and final cause. Matter, is the physical composition of the object: the components it is created out of. Form is the way in which these parts are put together which includes the properties of the object and the functions that arise from it. The moving cause is the thing which about an event or an action, and the final cause is the reason for an event. This can be either a purpose for doing something or it can be the scientific, physical reasoning for why something occurred. For example, the final cause of someone walking may be to become more healthy. Additionally, one final cause for a table may be to eat food on it.

To Aristotle, formal cause (form) and material cause (matter) are two distinct causes of an object. The material cause, is the components out of which the object is made out of. For example, this may be the wood in a table or the parts of a house. The matter of an object has no bearing on how the components are put together. Instead, it is the individual parts which fall under the category of the matter. Form on the other hand includes the way that the matter is put together and the properties of the object. For this reason, Aristotle considers form to be more a part of nature than matter. An example of this can be seen in a table. One of the properties which defines a table is its ability to hold…

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