Essay about Aristotle 's Views On Living

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What exactly is a good life? Is it based on what your life looks like on the outside, or is it based on how a person chooses to feel about their life and the lives around them? Is it based on your actions and whether or not you planed for things to go a certain way? Well Aristotle had a view of the good life and how he felt you could acquire it. Aristotle’s views on living well begin with a simple consideration of ends and means. Aristotle argued that as we mature, we act less aimlessly and more purposefully. That as we age we gain knowledge of the things we look forward to in life, the things we want in life, and how we plan to live our lives. He believed that we needed a plan and that the right plan is the one that aims at the final or ultimate end. For Aristotle the final end of human life is to flourish, to live well, to have a good life. Aristotle to me is saying that having a good life is the ultimate end for humans; that the good life doesn’t apply to objects. Anything we call good we do so because it is the means to living or it aids in living well. Everyone has desires things they want and what they feel they need. Aristotle believed that not all desires are of the same sort. There are acquired desires, which differ between individuals, and natural desires, which are the same for all individuals. Acquired desires or wants correspond to apparent goods; things that appear good because you want them. Natural desires or needs correspond to real goods; things…

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