Aristotle And Plato 's Theory Of Scientific Understanding Essay

1893 Words May 5th, 2015 8 Pages
From the biggest cities to the smallest of molecules, the earth and its dynamics have been widely studied over the span of human history. Bright individuals have made astounding discoveries that has allowed the human race to come closer to finding an answer explaining the forces at work around them. Starting from the early days of the Grecian empire with Aristotle and Plato to the challenging ideals of Newton and Copernicus, science has been completely redefined and continues to grow as a result. Thomas Kuhn described particular scientific events, such as the transition from Aristotelian to Newtonian physics, as a paradigm shift that is realized when questioning the flaws of the then understood subject. The paradigm shift can be viewed as the transition from a normal science, a widely accepted view of the scientific studies of that time, and the scientific revolution that marks the end of the existing worldview due to inaccuracies proposed that cannot be solved using the information known and provided. The basis of Kuhn’s theory in transition of scientific understanding can be illustrated by the use of Gestalt’s switch example. The research on Thomas Kuhn on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes the switch as observing a figure that is first interpreted as a duck and later a rabbit after closer observation and having an open mind. Gestalt’s Switch best exemplifies Kuhn’s paradigm as a switch from one observation and understanding to another not before…

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