Aristotle And Aristotle 's Philosophy Essays

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Plato and Aristotle are historically remembered to be one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived and who introduced a new way of thinking. Aristotle was a pupil of Plato just like Plato had been pupil of Socrates. The ethical link between these three philosophers is easy to trace. Plato’s work is mostly found in dialogues and letters that he wrote most of them dialogues of his teacher Socrates leading to his death. Most of Aristotle’s work was not formally documented and even though he is said to have written a lot of material, only a few of the original documents are available to date.
According to Plato he believed that in virtue ethics, which is what may be referred to as doing good, an action is only good if the person performing it is virtuous. When looking at virtue, both Aristotle and Plato defined it in reference to what was referred to as virtuous in the Greek society. They both concentrate a lot on justice, wisdom, politics, courage and happiness.
Moral virtue which is what enables a person to act sufficiently is developed partly through the upbringing or through what one is used in doing. For most Greeks and both philosophers, virtue was essential for happiness. Both philosophies talk of how to achieve this happiness but they differ in some of the ways of achieving them. Their concepts of good seem to be similar. Aristotle states that good is happiness, meaning that when one does the right thing, he is guaranteed of finding happiness. The difference comes…

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