Arguments Against The Death Penalty Essay examples

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Question 4: What are some of the arguments for and against the death penalty? What does "death qualification" mean and how is it decided? Do you personally favor the death penalty? Some arguments against the death penalty are the cost, it being barbaric, amount of appeals, may be sending the wrong message, possible innocent’s death, and the jury may be reluctant to convict.
Firstly, the financial costs to taxpayers of the death penalty is greater than that of life in prison. This price is due to the amount of appeals, the procedures that must take place, and legal disputing that drag the process out. There are many different people involved in the process that all require a considerable investment by the taxpayers and in the end is this really worth such a large financial cost. The United States court system goes to vast lengths before allowing a death sentence to be carried out. All the appeals, motions, and hearings dominate much of the time of judges, attorneys, and other court employees as well as use up courtrooms. This is time and space that could be used for other trials. Disbanding the death penalty would help the courts to be less congested.
It is also seen as barbaric and violates the cruel and unusual punishment law in the Bill of Rights. No matter what method is used to commit the act it is barbaric to allow state-sanctioned murder in front of a crowd of people. We as a society should move away from the "eye for an eye" mentality as it will never truly solve…

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