Arguments For Euthanasia Essay

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1. Discuss the arguments made by people in favor of euthanasia.

There are several arguments made for euthanasia. The main argument would be it is for the better; it is to stop the suffering. If you were in excruciating pain would you want to prolong that feeling? Do you have a high tolerance for pain? For some people they have appointed guardians or tell family members what they would want. In the case Spahn v. Eisenberg, Spahn the sister also the court appointed guardian, argued that her sister Edna would not have wanted to live in this vegetative state where she needed to be tube fed. So another argument could have been this is a condition where the patient is not actually living their life the machines are. Other arguments could be about financial costs. It is not bad enough that most hospital visits are expensive, but if there was a relative that was in a state for no hope of recovery, why keep paying these heavy expenses of machinery? Especially if you’re loved one will never be the same or awaken. There is also the quality-of-life judgment it talks about how it is our right to die. Each argument for euthanasia there is an argument against it; your beliefs are your own.

2. Discuss the arguments made by people in opposition to euthanasia.

Similar to the arguments
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There are many different things you could say, but most won’t make the person feel any better. It is important to take their religion into consideration, depending on whether or not they believe in the after life or even just a god you can build something to say. I know a lot of people would say it’s all apart of god’s plan or god only gives us what we can handle, but in this situation I would refrain from those things. Maybe one should just stay there and comfort the patient, or maybe help them recognize that there will be less pain after death. Let them know that they are not going through this

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