Persuasive Essay: Live Casino Vs. Online Poker

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Live Casino vs. Online Poker
One hotly debated topic in the online casino world is whether online poker is better than live dealer poker, or vice-versa. Some say yes, some say no, and others say the two cannot be compared. Whilst we wouldn’t hazard a guess at which is “better” since that really depends on your tastes, skills and needs, we can certainly compare the two. So, what can we learn from a typical live vs. online poker comparison?
Differences in gameplay
First up, we should take a quick peek at the differences in betting. Let’s start with the obvious. When comparing live vs. online poker, it goes without saying that one of these games uses a live, human dealer and the other does not. You needn’t be a rocket scientist to work out which is which. However, whilst both games have a dealer (either human or computerised), there may or may not be opposition in your game. Live dealer poker games often contain other players at your table, and whilst the same can be said of many major online poker games, some online poker games are solely played between you and the dealer, with no other players present.
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Players will note subtle differences in terms of what they can wager, too. True enough, when comparing live vs. online poker games, both have varying wagering limits, but the games do tend to be marginally cheaper for low-rollers when playing online poker as opposed to live dealer games.
Lastly, when looking at live vs. online poker games, we need to consider the availability of those games. Not all casinos offer live casino poker, and those that do have limited times when the tables are available, and limited seats at those tables. The same is not true of the online poker games that casinos carry, which are available every second of every

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