Argumentative Essay : Why Liberalism Is Right For America Written By Stephen J.

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Liberally Speaking: Why Liberalism is Right for America written by Stephen J. Natoli is about the liberal view on the left side of the left-right political spectrum. One main idea of the book is to provide an educated view on the liberal side of politics and explain how an open mind can only make the "land of the free,” freer. Chapter three through five concentrates on what liberals believe. This includes: ethics, peace, equality, freedom, and science. These are just a few of the several ideologies that are held by liberals. “There has been legally-sanctioned inequality imposed on American of African, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and Jewish ancestry, and informal inequality without explicit force of law imposed on many more. Women and LGBT community have also suffered under a long history of inequality These are wrongs liberals are strongly intent on eliminating where they currently exist and preventing from reoccurring in the future.” (35, Natoli) This quote spoke out as a brilliant example of the principles of a liberal. It emphasizes the equality, civil rights, ethics, freedom, peace, security, diversity, and ultimately love. A common theme that liberals obtained was freedom. Their goal was to fight for human rights. This includes situations such as the civil rights movements, getting rid of political corruption, and educating children. Liberals fought a tough fight to get where society is today, but America still has miles to run.
Within Chapter four there are…

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