Argumentative Essay On Catalunya's Independence

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Argumentative essay

Under the figure of a country, the ties of brotherhood and ideals that hold together a society are forged. In the constitution of a nation is intrinsically established its idiosyncrasy, where social, cultural, linguistic, and economic diversities converge. Diversities outside serving as referents of how different we are should help to magnify everything that holds us together despite the differences. At the end of the day and beyond the risings that may arise we are all brothers seeking a better future; therefore, Catalonia should not declare its independence from Spain. The idea of Catalunya's independence leads to an absurd confrontation nurtured by a political class that can only be defined as swill, where the brothers become lackeys and henchmen of those who comfortably in an office decide the fate of the people. A miserable whim for the power of the political class must under no circumstances jeopardize the economic stability and peace of an entire nation; however, this desire lacking legal and social support is doing so.
Machiavelli said "The end justifies the means." But what justifies the end? Is this untimely desire to achieve the independence of Catalunya enough when it has only as the primary reason the different language they speak? The dialect cannot be sufficient reason to become independent when there are much stronger ties; much less when this motive violates the charter that has maintained the order of society for years. The people must revolt but not to each other but against those who today do not see and feel those ties that have held them together for years.
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We have the right to choose our destiny but without violating the legal framework that maintains

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