Argumentative Essay On Transvestites

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Register to read the introduction… The state of Florida has about 4.6% of its residents with approximately 4% locally within the Miami Dade county area that are transvestites. Transvestites tend to clump together and create smaller social communities separate from the typical suburb or acceptable normal communities for privacy. Within these smaller private communities, transvestites are known to have lavish parties exposing their fetish and sharing sexual practices (Långströ & Zucker, …show more content…
Most transvestites hide their fetish with the probability of embarrassment if revealed. Depending on the level of exposure will make a significant difference on the plan of care and the medical staff involved.
Vulnerable populations like transvestites maintain their solitude among themselves or hidden within private communities. Acceptance of this lifestyle is a slow intergrading process within today’s society. The destined way an individual leads their personal affairs, regardless of the extent of fetish or disorder should not reflect his or her medical care or health management without diversion from discrimination.

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