Can T Be Tamed: Video Analysis

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Another problem with categorizing women as either a virginal “good girl” or a sexually active “bad girl” is that it promotes rape culture and blames the events on women. Bryan Paris’s Flirting with Danger: Power and Choice in Heterosexual Relationships argue that the virgin/whore dichotomy promotes the idea that sexually active women are seen as “bad” or whores,” resulting in the propagation of two ideologies: that women are “asking for it” or that women “deserve what they get.” Women who wear revealing clothing are immediately thought of as whores who want sex. Because they are dressed in revealing clothing, or behave in a sexual manner, people feel as if they are “asking for sex,” making rape acceptable. When being punished, rapist justify …show more content…
In the video for Who Owns My Heart, she is seen laying on her bed, dressed in underwear while singing in a seductive manner. At one point in the video, she can be seen grinding with a man in a club. In Can’t Be Tamed, Cyrus is dressed in a similar manner, donning underwear, a corset, and a large pair of wings. Hecklerspray, an online gossip blog, described her outfit as one for “one of those creepy soulless child beauty contest applicants, perhaps for a contest called Lil Miss Prostitute or sometime.” This comment indicates that if you are dressed sexually, you are automatically a prostitute, a whore, and a slut. Females are shamed not only for being sexually active, but also for dressing in “slutty” clothing. If a woman wears shorts, she might be considered a “slut.” If she wears crop tops, she might be considered a “slut.” This creates a culture where women are unable to express themselves through fashion for the fear of being criticized and judged as “slutty.” Hecklerspray further criticized the video, stating that it is said “to be ‘the next step of Miley’ – which is presumably the step where she rips of things that Britney Spears was doing at the height of her mental difficulties. Again, this reinforces the idea that sexual females are inferior to virtuous and chaste females. This particular comment implies that any females trying to shed their good girl image are mentally

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