Argumentative Essay On Papa From Farewell To Manzanar

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The date December 17, 1941 will live in our hearts forever because after that date many lives, laws, rules and thoughts were changed. But this essay will be focused on one person, Papa from the story, Farewell to Manzanar that is based on the true story of the Kawasaki family. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, President FDR put an executive order 9066 that required all Japanese to go to internment camps for the “protection” of the Japanese. The Kawasaki's family was no exception, papa Ko was taken away first by the FBI and left his wife Rika to fend for herself and their ten kids on her own while K0 was in a prison for nine months. He was suspected of being a spy and for supplying the Japanese army with oil. During this time the rest of the Wakatsuki family was sent to Manzanar .

“He didn’t die there, but things finished for him there, ” (Chapter Six, p. 43) Jeane said this about pa when he came back from North Dakota. Before the arrest and internment camps he was
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PAPA WAS SO USED TO BEING IN CONTROL THAT THIS WAS A BLOW TO HIS PEACES OF MIND AND SOUL SO HE KIND OF BROKE so the only remedy that he had was aucohal around this time people did not know what ptsd was so maney people how sufferd for ptsd were alcoholics.

Papa was a great father before the camps and some what in the camps before the camps papa had a great job on a fishing boat and was a great father helped out his and very supportive of his kids but after the camps he only did odd jobs for people, and was angry most of the time . people change after a huge stressful and sad / scary event of time people will always change pap[a did change but we all can snap and have thing going on inside of papa will never be the same after this but papa had tried his

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