Argumentative Essay On Obesity

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Obesity has reached epidemic levels in this country. The government must do something. The situation now is the life or death. Then why there has not been an intervention? Why this is being a problem when the government has the knowledge and information about the dangers of obesity? Who is responsible for bringing this change? Many people believe the government has a responsibility to prevent people to buy and eat unhealthy foods. Others believe that there is no reason for the government to monitor the actions of people.
To all, the serious health problems that the society has, is necessary to find a solution. Regardless of the private interests that will be affected if it is for the common good. Whether drugs, sugary sodas or junk food. It must put a stop to the indiscriminate sale, rigged laws or the lack of regulations preventing propaganda aimed at children, young people and the society in general. The issue of junk food consumption must be resolved from many aspects, such as health, legal, social, economic, security and justice, as well as environmental safety. Today, fast foods have become an obligatory exit for many people. Urgency of time and work, or excessive worship of the comfort of modern life, seems to be stronger than the desire to help our health through food. Pizza, hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, patties, pies or any other of these proposals that we can get in the world of gastronomic "delivery"; has transformed in recent years the nutrition in a habit of quick and simple
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On their own initiative, people do not usually go to this specialist because most think that it only requires eating right, regardless of what type of food they put in their mouth and what is their nutritional value. The culture of prevention is not a constant in our society, less on

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