Argumentative Essay On Native American Reservation

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Argumentative Essay Outline

When is it time for change? What does it take for a community to come together and find effective ways to help a poverty full and crime filled communities near-by? Native American Reservations around the U.S. are continuing to live in poverty and possess an abundance of crime. Although get extraordinary amounts of funding from the government, does money really fix these problems? The lack of a good education will continue to walk all over the Native American people. About 637,000 of Native Americans live on reservations or trust lands. Studies show more and more teen pregnancies continue to happen on reservations. Not many people with degrees decide to teach on reservations, so it’s hard to find enough teachers.
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Not many people with degrees decide to teach on reservations, so finding enough teachers who are willing to deal with bad conditions and a poor community. BIE schools are some of the worst in the country with a graduation rate of 50%. ( Koteskey 1-2) Schooling choice are a foreign concept to many tribal communities. Most of the schools are understaffed. It is very hard to find full time, educated teachers to teach on reservations due to the generalization of Indians on reservations. (Koteskey 1-2) There would be no schools without teachers who teach under any circumstances. Not all great schools possess the funds to overcome the odds. Passionate teachers improve all schooling systems. If the community encouraged kids to go to college and get a teaching degree, maybe the kids would feel the duty to come back and teach on the reservation. This would improve the education system on reservations immensely. Passionate teachers will save the reservation education system. It is not a standard in education on reservations to go to school past high school. Most Native Americans stay on the reservations. Going to college isn’t a ‘next step’ for most Indian kids. (Lockhart 18) Since over half of the kids don’t even graduate high school, going to college isn’t a necessity in the minds of a high school dropout. Education begins at a young age. Finding educated teachers who want to be there and show up …show more content…
Endangered languages keep becoming more and more popular. Many Native American languages are trying hard to save the language and culture. (Burkhard 1-4) 90% of the world’s 6,000 languages may not survive the next century.(Burkhard 1-4) Most teens with one child reside in high school or continue trying to get into alternative programs. American traditions, such as TV, video games, cell phones and so much more are drowning out the traditional ways of the Native Americans. The government must keep a healthy alliance with the reservations. The Obama-Care act turned out very beneficial for Indian healthcare. The Indian healthcare system does well with what it receives. Everything can get better. Although the reservations work well with the funding the health systems receive, the reservations need a lot more assistance and help to make new programs. Tradition can stay but the reservations need better ways to parent and find good support systems. Tradition needs to be well kept. It may not matter to some people if the Native Americans have young, irresponsible mothers, drug problems and so much more. As long as the reservations stay true to the Indian

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