Argumentative Essay On Interracial Couples

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Have you ever been out minding your own business and saw an interracial couple? Did you catch yourself gawking or staring at them? If so, did you stop to think how that made them feel? Two normal people being judged for loving someone who is different than them. Does this mean we should all be judged? I mean no two people are the same, right? Yes, that is true but you shouldn’t be judged for the difference such as your race; you should be judged by what is on the inside, by your character. In today’s society, things like interracial relationships are allowed but that does not mean they are accepted. These couples are treated differently and sometimes even shunned by their own family and friends, just because they found someone that makes them …show more content…
These people cannot help who they fell in love with. Some people believe love is a controllable thing. A blog by tallandrew says “Perhaps you can’t help who you find attractive, but love is a completely different thing” (“You cant help who you fall in love with”). This opinion is not exactly true. If you feel attracted to a person, no matter the color of their skin, why would you push yourself away from them? Because they are different? If that is the case, then you should push away from every person you have ever. No two people are the same. Everyone is different, and most of these differences are accepted. Why can we not accept the decision that interracial couples make? It is different but so is me having blue eyes and you having green. Even though they do not realize it, society judges people negatively because they have finally found someone that they have real, true, deep feelings for. They are so narrow-minded that they cannot see past the color of a person’s skin. Couples are not looked at for how much they love each other or how good of a relationship they have, only their skin color matters. This is not how you should go about things! The color of somebody’s skin does not affect their

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