Personal Narrative: Abolishing Feudalism

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Feudalism is a hierarchical system that has worked for longer than any of us have been alive. Why some people believe we should abolish something that is working is quite beyond my train of thought. Most people appear to be happy with the system which is in place, all except the bourgeoisies or rather the rising middle class. For some reason which I am unable to comprehend, they feel the need to remake the entire system of government which we have in place, including totally eliminating the titles which people are born into and oppressing the church. Society is normally hierarchical in nature; feudalism is needed for our society to continue to thrive as it has for the past hundreds of years. My family has lived in Grenade in the Haute-Garonne for generations, we are a family of provincial nobility or rather we were until the August Decrees were passed in 1789, thus abolishing the feudal system. My father has served as a parlementary lawyer for as long as I can remember. Though, I may have been born into a family of nobility, I have worked to make a name for myself. I joined the military at a young age, by the time I was 21, I was a captain and squadron commander of the Dragoons of Jarnac. I have not had everything handed to me in my life as the bourgeoisies would like to make everyone think. I have worked hard for …show more content…
I agree with the abolishment of game preserves and special courts. I am more than willing to eliminate feudal abuses. However, I do not believe that doing away with the entire feudal hierarchical system is the way to do this. Each abuse must be dealt with, in its own way. The issue with pigeon-houses and dove-cotes was taken care of with the passage of the August Decrees. This was an issue that needed to be resolved and it was, same with “the exclusive right to hunt and to maintain unenclosed warrens” (Gamebook, pg 118). It was abolished for the good of the

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