Child Marriage Persuasive Speech

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For most mothers under the age of 20, the mortality rates of their babies during childbirth is almost 75% higher than babies of older mothers, but the children that survive are most likely premature with a low birthweight, contributing to a higher risk for HIV/AIDS. Throughout most developing countries around the world, young girls must accept having to marry older men and give birth to children like these; however, this is not how a young girl should live her life.
Many wonder how most of the developing world would let a total of 700 million girls marry to any man that wants a young spouse, one out of three girls marrying before turning 15. ( The answer is unnaturally simple. Commonly, child marriage is a social norm in the society of the developing world. By social norm, they are saying how a girl becoming a bride before turning 18 comes from gender discrimination, the encouragement of premature childbirth and the giving preference of education to men. ( Most of these societies had misused most young women who become a wife and allow
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"Many child brides are often isolated from their peers and abandoned if they develop health problems." ( No person there to support a child bride means that the girl will isolate herself as she has become a local wreck. In order to avoid this abuse and embarrassment, young child brides cannot continue education and stays at her home. Most girls like this one are pulled out of school and denied further education. ( However, the abuse doesn 't stop there. "For girls who marry before they turn 18, young brides become vulnerable to domestic violence." ( Looked at as the town laughingstock because life in the developing world forced her into marriage with none of her consent. Is that living a life or is that just trying not get

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