Changing Gender Roles In The World Today

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The world today has change a lot over the years. The way people are looked at and judged has really changed. People in the world today are starting to change and decide what they want their genders to be no matter what they were born as. They can choose if they want to be a girl or boy and don 't care about how people look at them. Changing genders is not something easy to do, so people have to tell their family and hope they agree because it could be going against their rules and their beliefs. Transgenders go through a lot especially if they change genders while young, and they go through a lot during the transition. In this generation today a lot of celebrities are changing gender and people see how they are not bashed and the media glamorize …show more content…
Their experiences could change everything about them even as a child. As a child some children dream of becoming the opposite of what they gender really is. One child name Harrette Cunningham originally born as a boy said “as a child when he went to sleep he dreamed of wearing dresses and having long braids.” Children dream of being a different gender but don 't say anything because they could be afraid of what they parents are going to say and how people are going to look at them in the world. Some children go through bad experiences when they are young and that causes them to want to change gender also. Children who run away, become homeless, or end up in foster care are more likely to be a transgender because of the experiences they went through according to Nadia Dowshen. One women named CeCe McDonald was a homeless transgender teen that went to jail for simply defending herself, but then people started looking at her as a folk hero. She is just one of many examples of how people go through hardships when being a transgender. Some children are born with gender dysphoria which is a fundamental unease and dissatisfaction with the biological sex one is born with which results in anxiety, depression, restlessness, and other symptoms. Having gender dysphoria can be really tough for a child and have them very confused. During a child’s childhood they are taught that somethings …show more content…
Parents have such a big influence on their kids and how the type of people that they are going to grow up to be. According to Stephanie Brill the creator of the blog Gender Spectrum she said that “Parents practices that are based on affirming a child’s own sense of gender strengthen a child’s self esteem and sense of worth.” Affirming parents know how to make the environment of home different from outside the home because the child may be facing hardships outside of the home. Parents who are willing to accept that their child wants to be another gender make it easy for the child to want to change genders. Parents who don 't accept that change and makes the environment uncomfortable makes the child to want to switch genders less. The article “Parenting and Family” states, “Research has shown that supportive parenting can significantly affect our children’s positive outlook on their lives their mental health and their self-esteem. On the other hand, rejecting parenting practices are directly correlated to gender-expansive and transgender youth being more depressed and suicidal” (Brill). Parents rejecting what their child want their gender to be makes a lot harder for them because if the child cant support from the parent then that will make the child life much harder. If the children are brought up in environment were they are influenced to change gender they are more likely to change gender.

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