Argumentative Essay About Cancer

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Did you know cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world today? There are many different types of cancers that affect different parts of the body. Although some cancers can be cured as well as some are not. Those who may have had cancer affect their family may take it more seriously. Cancer is the most terrible thing. Three years ago in quiet Hartford, South Dakota sitting inside the warm living room, we got the news. The late afternoon sun may have been great, but the fear and tremendous sadness was not. That night turned into a rainy stormy night as we were feeling. The living room become cold where four of us sat. You could hear the deep breathes, crying, and sniffling. This is the worst news anyone of us could’ve imagined. …show more content…
Having to say your final goodbye sucks. Leaning over the casket crying when people tell you everything is going to be okay when it is not. People telling you it’s cool she dies on the same day as her birthday is also not okay. Having people try to be there for you, also saying everything is going to be okay, when they have no idea what you are going through sucks. I specifically hate when people say they don’t want to go see their grandparents. It was very hard losing my only grandparent left. I never knew my dad’s parents because they died when my dad was eighteen years old. I didn’t know much about my grandpa except that I was the only grandchild to ever see him or get pictures with him. So when losing my grandma, it really took a toll on me because she was the only one I had left. I always tell people to take time to see your grandparents, even if you don’t want to. Because we always find out the hard way, and regret not doing it. The overall discovery of cancer is absolutely terrible. There are many things you need to do for those who have cancer, as well as their families. Everyone asks, why me? Why my family? Why, why, why? There is no specific answer. My family and I put everything in God’s hands. God obviously wanted to take my grandmother, not only by death but by cancer. Cancer broke down my grandma, but brought the family even closer then we

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