Arepa Bread Research Paper


With every great meal or snack, people are always looking for a little something on the side to compliment their meal. One of the most sought after foods just happens to be a food item that has been around for centuries: BREAD. There are thousands of different types of bread in the world , including , French, Anpan, Arepa, Bammy, and Bolani.
French bread , dating back to the middle of the 19th century , originated in Vienna , Austria. The bread was first baked in a dry oven until the invention of the steam oven which allowed bakers to have better control of the temperature and cooking time to produce the crispy outer texture and soft interior. In the 1920’s , bakers had to make some adjustments to the dough because of a new law
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Originally made by the early natives from the small , indigenous villages in Venezuela , it has become a very popular bread throughout Mexico , Central America and South America. The Arepa bread is used traditionally for breakfast by Venezuelan families. The old way of making this bread was using maiz ( corn ) flour ground between stones and formed into discs 4” in diameter by ½ inch thick. Once formed , they would be cooked on tiles known as Aripos , which is where this bread received its name. These tiles would be heated to a very high temperature prior to baking the Arepa. The traditional way of eating an Arepa is stuffed but without a filling , it is known as a Viuda , which means widow in English. If you are in Mexico Arepa’s would be called Gorditas and in El Salvador they are known as Pupasa’s. while the original way to make Arepa’s was using fresh corn , modern ways of making this bread since the 1950’s is to use pre-cooked white corn flour. The finished product of a baked Arepa resembles an English muffin. Arepas , Pupasas and Gorditas can all be found here in U.S.

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