Are Women The New Men? Essay

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Are Women the new Men? Hunting and gathering is a thing of the past, but regardless of the time, hunting was primarily for men whereas the gathering was for the woman. In today’s society according to an article by Times named Men are Obsolete that has changed. Women aren’t just gatherers anymore. In terms of the conflict theory, this article shows that the social order in society is changing, and that gender roles are eventually going to become obsolete. The article says that women are overcoming their gender role by five different reasons. Their up rise in the workforce, the end of needing a man for a traditional household, the changes in the working and middle classes, the end of their violence and aggression monopoly, and a simple fact they are taking away their more manlier features, i.e. body hair. Women’s up rise in the work force has been coming for a long time, the article states that “last year one in every five men was not working, something that economists call the biggest social crisis we will face” () because the fact is men aren’t keeping up with the standards that the economy needs in its workers, with its rapid changing. However though women are headed in the opposite way, “In 2009 women became the majority of the American workforce…now in every part of America, young single women under thirty have a higher income than young men.” () this has become important in regards to the younger generation because during this time-frame is when most young men and…

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